I’ve been shooting with Panasonic Lumix cameras for about five years ever since I bought the FX50 point and shoot with a 28mm Leica lens. I’ve been using the G series Micro Four Thirds cameras since the G1 was released. I used to be a professional photographer and now work for Panasonic. This site is not sponsored by or part of Panasonic Corp. I just want to show what can be done with these great little cameras.


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  1. Bob Kozlarek says:

    As a fellow Lumix shooter I really have to give you an A+ on these photos and the site. A clean look showing some great work. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

  2. Randy Schaffer says:


    I saw your presentation at the Kenmore Expo last weekend. I have to admit I had never considered a Panasonic camera before, though I was looking at mirrorless at the show. Now with the announced GX1 coming soon, I am almost certain I will buy one…no actually two, one for me one for my wife. I have found I just cannot lug my D200 around like I did before.

    Thanks for the info at the Kenmore show.


  3. Richard Bahl says:

    Mark – I chatted with you briefly during your recent visit to Kenmore Camera. I am liking my G5 very much. Is Panasonic or anyone planning to make extension tubes for the micro 4/3 system? Seems like a natural.

  4. Great blog and set of photos.. I’m a long time Lumix love myself.. having gone from GF1->GH2->GH3 – I have a question regarding this photo: https://mtoallumiximages.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/jb-and-jules.jpg
    The skin tones, eyes and lighting are really nice in this shot, and it’s a type of shot I’ve always struggled to get right on Lumix cameras&sensors. Did the built-in filters work their magic on this one or has this been adjusted in Lightroom/Photoshop from RAW? Is it using a polarising filter?

  5. Laurie says:

    I see you haven’t been on in a while. Any input on the GX8 ? I was just about to check prices on the GX7 and noticed a few things were up so investigated and the gx8 is rumoured out in May. My first time straying ever from Nikon and now a dslr…nervous but excited and wanted the sharpest lenses available since I would only want two or three max. I would like a wide for landscapes and a street photography lens and a portrait lens …not necessarily all fixed …any suggestions for a nice kit? No real need for a long lens. Thanks. Great photos BTW !!

    • Laurie says:

      Also, I noticed the 12-32 is not offered as a kit lens with the gx cameras, only the gm5. Is there a reason for this, is it not a recommended lens for the gx5 for some reason? Thanks.

      • Mark Toal says:

        It looks like the 12-32 is going to be offered with more cameras as the kit lens. I use it on all of my 4/3rd camera and love its’ sharpness and field of view.


    • Mark Toal says:

      I still haven’t heard a date for the GX8. I love the GX7 with the 12-32mm lens for walking around.My favorite lens is the 7-14 for it’s sharpness and very wide angle. There is a new 42.5mm f/1.8 lens coming out in May that is great for portraits. I’ve tried it and it’s excellent. The 12-35mm f/2.8 lens is also very good.

      I’ve been traveling a lot for work and haven’t had a lot of time to post. I’m getting back to it now.


  6. Hi Mark, Great photos, and I’m a big fan of your videos too! I do love my Lumix cameras, especially the smaller ones as they can always be on you. I have a GM1 and am blown away by that little 12-32 kit lens. I call it my “fun” camera.

    Do you do a lot of post processing on your shots, or are they all processed “in-camera”? Would be nice to see that info on the shots too, along with the usual stuff you add. Thanks!

    • Mark Toal says:

      Most of my images are post processed since I shoot in RAW. I use Lightroom to Sharpen slightly, add any contrast and adjust color. I agree abou the GM series and 12-32 lens.

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